19 Mär
19. Mär. 2019 | 12:00 - 14:00

Lunch-Talk: Dr. Richard Budd

(How) can we think about a 3-D University experience?

It is well understood that where you study matters in terms of students’ experiences and outcomes. However, the focus – particularly in the UK – is largely on career trajectories, which are often dependent on the subject of study and university status. There has been less attention given to the experiences themselves and the qualitative differences within and between universities. This is a pressing concern given that, in what is a ‘fluid and unpredictable’ policy landscape, how universities relate to their students is changing. This project therefore seeks to extend current literature and address some gaps in it by exploring how three specific dimensions at the local university level – the organisational, social, and geographical – mediate the student experience.



Dr. Richard Budd, Lecturer in Higher Education, Centre for Higher Education Research, Lancaster University

I am a Lecturer in Higher Education, and my main research interests relate to three interlinked questions: how higher education as a sector (and idea) works, how organisations in the sector mediate policy, and how students experience and negotiate their time at university. I am particularly interested in exploring how these questions compare on a domestic, as well as international, basis. I have recently completed a project on social science doctoral training, and my current work investigates how being a student varies between different kinds of university in the same region.


19. Mär. 2019
12:00 - 14:00


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