DZHW-LCSS Research Colloquium

DZHW-LCSS Research Colloquium 2021

The DZHW-LCSS Research Colloquium offers researchers from the DZHW, the LCSS and the LUH as well as external guests the opportunity to present their research results in the field of science and higher education research. The target group of the joint colloquium is science and higher education researchers from all disciplines and qualification phases; students are also cordially invited to attend. The colloquium takes place approximately every third Monday of the month between 4:15-5:30pm. In addition to the scientific exchange, opportunity for personal encounters will be provided. Lectures that are announced in English will be held in English. The first three lectures will be hosted via the WebEx video conferencing platform; a decision and announcement for the remaining dates will be made in autumn 2021.

Find the full programme HERE.