On the connection between disciplinary concepts of originality and practical orientations for the sharing of data.

The research project is guided by the assumption – hitherto not analyzed - that there is a connection between the disciplinary concepts of scientific originality and practical orientations for the sharing of data. This connection is mediated by the quest for scientific reputation. Previous studies have shown that the acknowledgment of scientific reputation depends on the generation of scientific knowledge that is considered original. There are some indications that support this: For example, researchers state that the main reason for not sharing their data is that this would not be honored with scientific reputation. They furthermore say that they would only share data if they could no longer use it for top-ranked publications, i.e., to increase their scientific reputation. On the other hand, data are shared if this increases the opportunities to generate original knowledge. The concepts of originality differ with respect to disciplines, as has also been shown by our own research. This could be an important reason for the disciplinary differences regarding data sharing. The research project is supposed to empirically analyze this connection. The analysis will be conducted for biology, neuro sciences and computer sciences.  Interviews will be conducted with principal investigators as well as researchers of selected projects in these three disciplines. The principal investigators are interviewed because they eventually decide about data sharing, and the researchers are interviewed because they eventually carry out the data sharing. The goal of the project is to develop a typology of practical guidelines which are put into relation to the discipline-specific concepts of originality.

Project Period:01.09.2017 - 31.08.2020
Project Lead:Prof. Dr. Eva Barlösius
Project Member:Saskia-Rabea Schrade