M.A. Marlene Hartmann

M.A. Marlene Hartmann
Lange Laube 32
30159 Hannover
M.A. Marlene Hartmann
Lange Laube 32
30159 Hannover
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter
Leibniz Forschungszentrum Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft (LCSS)

Current Research

I am currently writing my doctoral thesis on the hormonalization of masculinity, which explores how masculinity has been transformed through hormonal thinking and practices. Working mainly with Latour and Haraway, I am approaching the topic of masculinity and hormones from a theoretical standpoint sensitive to materialities. My research consists of four case studies, including the conflict between natties and juicers in the fitness community, hormonal practices and discussions among trans men and trans masculine people, concerns among older men regarding their declining testosterone levels, and the alt-right’s narrative of an epidemiological decline in testosterone levels among white men. Through these case studies, I examine how testosterone both contests and co-structures masculinity.

Research Interests

Generally, I am interested in …

  • the circulation of entities between the life sciences and other areas of society,
  • embodiment, bodies & body politics,
  • subjectivation & subjectivity,
  • gender & sexuality,
  • and nature / culture

... from the perspective of ...

  • new materialist theories, and other theories sensitive to materialities (Haraway, Latour),
  • poststructuralist theories,
  • and (queer-)feminist theories.
  • Publications

    Hartmann, Marlene & Laux, Henning (i.E.) Bruno Latour. In: Benjamin Rampp & Martin Endreß (eds) Handbuch Politische Soziologie. Baden-Baden: Nomos.

    Hartmann, Marlene (2023) Die Kulturalisierung der Gegenwart. Andreas Reckwitz‘ Gesellschaft der Singularitäten. In: Sina Farzin & Henning Laux (eds.) Soziologische Gegenwartsdiagnosen III. Springer VS.

    Hartmann, Marlene (2021) The Totalizing Meritocracy of Heterosex: Subjectivity in NoFap. Sexualities, 24(3): S. 409-430. https://doi.org/10.1177/1363460720932387

              - Interview about NoFap with Matheus de Moura for TAB

    Van den Berk, Ivo; Stolz, Katrin; Schultes, Konstantin; Hartmann, Marlene (2016) Hamburger Entwicklungsmodell der Studienenergie. In: Van den Berk, Ivo; Petersen, Kirsten; Schultes, Konstantin; Stolz, Katrin (eds.) Studierfähigkeit: Theoretische Erkenntnisse, empirische Befunde und praktische Perspektiven. Hamburg: Universitätskolleg-Schriften.

    Reviews for Men & Masculinities; NORA – Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research; Theory, Culture & Society.

  • Panels, Talks & Workshops

    07.2024           Paper: „The hormonalization of masculinity“, @panel „Making and Doing Hormonal Theory”, “Making and Doing Transformations”, EASST, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands

    03.2024           Paper: "When Man becomes leaky: Testosterone tales”, Inaugural Conference of stsing, TU Dresden, Germany

    11.2023           Paper: “The hormonalization of masculinity: Natty vs juice”, @panel “Endocrine Economies. Living in a Sea of Hormones: Testosterone Tales”, “Sea, Sky, and Land. Engaging in Solidarity in Endangered  Ecologies”, 4S, University of Hawai’i, Honolulu, USA

    12.2022           Participation, @doctoral student workshop “(Un)Versehrte Leiblichkeit erforschen“, University of Bielefeld, Germany

    12.2022           Paper: “The hormonalization of masculinity”, @panel “Men, masculinities and matterings”, “Gender Studies Conference 2022 | Feminist Matterings - Indigenous and Arctic Engagements”, University of Oulu, Finland

    09.2022      Organization (together with Fabian Hennig): Ad-hoc group on masculinity & corporeality. Paper: “Testosterone - On the hormonalization of masculinity.”, @”Polarisierte Welten”, congress of the German Sociological Association, University of Bielefeld

    07.2019      Paper: “Troubling Masturbation: NoFap’s Programmatic Subjectivity and the Manosphere”, @panel “Mobilising Masculinity” at “European Conference on Politics & Gender (ECPG)”, University of Amsterdam


  • Vita

    since 2023     Research Associate, LCSS

    2022                 Research Associate, “TUC Digital Programs”, International Office, TU Chemnitz

    2019-2023     Research Associate, Professorship for Sociological Theory, TU Chemnitz

    2018                MA Sociology (with distinction), University of Warwick, UK

    2017                BA Sociology (with distinction), University of Hamburg

  • Awards and Scholarships

    2018                I was awarded the Deborah Lynne Steinberg prize for the best dissertation in feminist cultural studies for my MA dissertation "Troubling Masturbation: NoFap’s Programmatic Subjectivity and the Manosphere" (supervisor: Cath Lambert).

    2017-18           I received a scholarship by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) which allowed me to study at Warwick University.

    2017                I was awarded the Janpeter Kob prize by the alumni organization of Hamburg sociologists and the Gender prize of the faculty of economics and social sciences of the University of Hamburg for my BA dissertation "Developmental Origins of Health and Disease: (Re-)Configurations of biopolitical governmentality" (supervisors: Ute Tellmann, Susanne Krasmann).

  • Memberships
    • AG Kritische Jungen*-, Männer*- und Männlichkeitenforschung 
    • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie
    • gender.macht.wissenschaft
    • INSIST
    • stsing