You will find the teaching program of the winter semester 2018/19 here.  

Workshop-Module Mentoring
1. SemesterHigher Education- and Science Studies- Disciplinary Perspectives: Political Science, Philosophy, Economics, Law and Sociology (4 SWS) PhD Colloquium (2 SWS)
2. Semester

Academic Writing (2 SWS) 


Advanced Methods of Higher Education and Science Research (tailored to the PhD student group) (2 SWS)

PhD Colloquium (2 SWS)
3. SemesterPresentation Techniques (1 SWS)PhD Colloquium (2 SWS)  
4. SemesterPublication Strategies (1 SWS) PhD Colloquium (2 SWS)  
5. SemesterCourse offer/ Teaching 2 SWSPhD Colloquium (2 SWS)  
6. Semester(Co) Organisation of an international Workshop on Higher Education and Science Studies Topics (1 SWS)PhD Colloquium (2 SWS)