Working Paper

Working Paper

The LCSS working papers present results of current research projects conducted at the LCSS.

They are addressed to researchers/scientists as well as politics, industry and society. The papers are published as a series via the institutional repository of the LUH in order to make research results publicly and freely available in the form of open access.  

Latest Working Paper


Hüther, Otto; Kosmützky, Anna; Asanov, Igor; Bünstorf, Guido; Krücken, Georg (2020):

Massive Open Online Courses after the Gold Rush: Internationale und nationale Entwicklungen und Zukunftsperspektiven

LCSS Working Paper No. 4

INCHER Working Paper No. 12



Meyer, Tobias; Thomsen, Stephan L.; Schneider, Heidrun (2017): New Evidence on the Effects of the Shortened School Duration in the German States: An Evaluation of Postsecondary Education Decisions, LCSS Working Paper No. 1, DOI